We Have Mastered the Art of Digital Communications

Digi aims to help every business, large and small, connect to their customers.

Take your marketing to the next level!

Our Digi Bots connect you directly to our database, which helps you monetize every part of your marketing campaign. Even impressions become valuable!
Leverage your marketing data all in one place: build audiences, send email, SMS, social, short code, push notifications, and more!

Keep an open marketing channel with your customers and prospects. You don’t need a marketing "expert" to use our platform; it’s been created with you in mind.

It’s no longer enough to have a website on the internet. You need to leverage data to micro-target you ideal customers. The Digi platform allows you to your target user whenever they appear online.


Digi Political

Short Message Service (“SMS”) connects to multiple telecom partners allowing users to choose deliverability and the best price for their messaging needs. We offer long code, short code, and 1-800s.

Digi Crypto

Push notification marketing utilizes the Digi smart code (cookie) which, allows users’ customers to receive push notifications for upcoming news, offers, events, and more, which is managed internally on Digi’s Push servers.

Digi Finance

Email marketing on the Digi platform connects to most of the known email marketing Electronic Services Portals (“ESP”).


Digi Retail

Manages every click delivered via email, SMS, and other campaign mechanisms, can be tracked and matched to Digi’s DMP.

The people who visit your site are more than just a click or impression

You will know the who, what, when and where of your marketing campaign.

To deliver the best results you need the right tools

Learn how and why customers use your product, because becoming a data driven company can help you quickly grow your business and increase your ROI.

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2255 Glades Road, Suite 324A
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